she loved being sent to her room as a child.  What was intended for a time to think about her offense was a sanctioned opportunity to enter her world of pretend with toys and stuffed animals. Cartoon characters were brought to life in crayon drawings.  

Influenced by her years of delighting in animated films, Julia enlivens the ordinary with playful improvisations.  Her love of all creatures and nature combine to become fanciful canvas fictions that seem perfectly real.  Julia calls her art realistic imagination.


Realistic Imagination


Julia’s canvasses for a time were cakes of luscious flavors in myriads of shapes.  Her graduate education was The French Pastry School in Chicago.  As owner of her custom cake business, she loved the challenge of turning her clients’ visions into centerpieces of events and gatherings.  As she became more and more familiar with the ins and outs of the wedding industry, she realized that she no longer felt fulfilled creating these edible sculptures that were quickly consumed and forgotten & only memorialized in pictures. 




An invitation to a calligraphy class quickly captured her interest and she began following calligraphers online which led to exploring watercolor artists. The cake decorating tools were exchanged for brushes & palettes, oblique calligraphy pens & sumi ink,  and cold press watercolor paper.  She dove in and didn't look back.  Through skillshare.com classes, the tutelage of the Modern Calligraphy Summit, & many YouTube tutorials, she honed her craft quickly.  Quicker than she thought she would!  As she painted she naturally entered the world of imagination from her childhood and inspiration just kept flowing.


Jenna Rainey with Jenna Rainey Design Studio and Peggy Dean with The Pigeon Letters are the artists Julia credits with her initial excitement not only for watercolor art, but with the encouragement to turn an evolving skill and passion into a career.  Since that time, there have been many influential artists in her modest watercolor adventure time frame.  



With her art, Julia celebrates the joy of seasons and events and the delicate details of creation.  Her Botanical Zoo Series is her favorite cast of characters. They speak to her as she paints each personality. She is very excited to share the current tenants of her zoo and hopes that you fall in love with them the way she has!