The Bespoke Process

Are you interested? 


This may sound a bit cliche due to the reason you are currently perusing my website, but I look at this design process as starting and building a relationship with you.  Yes, we are not entering into a lifelong marriage, but my hopes are that we will work so well together and your experience with me and my creative process will stick with you for years to come so that I may have the privilege to work with you again for other special events in your life.  

I want our working relationship to be unique and special!

The following steps are described in detail so there are no surprises in this process.  I want you to know exactly what to expect.  Part of making you feel special is to create a seamless experience from beginning to delivery and even beyond when your family and friends rave about how your invitations are "perfectly you" and have set the stage for your perfect day!



it's a match!!

So my invitation designs have caught your eye & you’ve "swiped right".  I feel so lucky!!  You may be interested in seeing if this could possibly be a good thing between us, but you’re still testing the waters.  I can completely understand!  I also want to make sure this is going to be worth it for both of us!  Head on over to my ABOUT page to learn a little more about me.  Then check out my PORTFOLIO page to see some of my past designs.  If you’re still interested, then take the next step & “chat” with me!  Follow the link at the bottom of this page to fill out the inquiry form so I can learn more about you and your upcoming special event.    

But first, learn about the different packages to choose from before you fill out the inquiry form:


let's meet IRL!!

At this point I’ve had a chance to look over the inquiry form you filled out and your wedding Pinterest board.  I’m learning your thoughts, style & dreams for your big day from the words and pictures you crafted together.  But I want to know more!  It would help to take the next step in our relationship and come together to figure out how we can turn your dreams into a reality.  We can either continue to communicate through email if that is what you are most comfortable with, but I highly recommend setting up a time to talk with me either on the phone or through Skype.  We will discuss everything from colors, to venue, to your childhood pretend weddings you used to have with a veil you crafted out of TP & pipe cleaners.  Sometimes it takes reminiscing on those childhood dreams to create the uniquely you design we are going for!  I really look forward to meeting you!

If you are having a hard time narrowing down your invitation style, check out some of my favorite invitation suites on one of my Pinterest boards to get some inspiration.  Keep in mind that I do not copy and duplicate another stationer's creation, but it never hurts to gather inspiration from other artists.


dating & proposal

This is where we get into the nitty-gritty of our relationship and decide if we want to move forward together!  You will receive a rough pencil sketch of my initial design idea for your invitation suite and a stylized mood board along with a detailed breakdown of what is included in the proposed pricing based on the information collected from the inquiry form & our consultation.  


contract & deposit

let's make the commitment!

Now our relationship really takes off and gets exciting!  I have proposed to you and am waiting anxiously for that magical word "YES" to follow that proposal!!  I am so excited to move forward with you and create something beautiful and timeless that will have your friends and family wishing they had what you have.  I will email you your personalized contract along with the non-refundable deposit amount due in order for us to begin the fun design process.  Sign the contract, pay the deposit, & let me know what revisions need to be made to the initial sketch.

I'm excited for the next step of our relationship!


Design & approval

you said "YES!!"

I am currently jumping up and down with excitement because we both have committed to this relationship!  Now it's time for me to do what I do best and bring all of your thoughts & ideas together and design your perfect bespoke invitation suite.  You will have 2 rounds of revisions included in your base price.  If you need more than that, each round of revisions is $30. 

design revision #1:

You will receive a digital color design of the initial rough pencil sketch that you received with your estimate that reflects the changes that you wanted me to make.  Make sure you check everything from color to paper choice to wording.  You have one more round of revisions after this step.

design revision #2:

This step may not be necessary if you are happy with the design that you received during the first revision.  Once again, though, make sure to check every little detail in the revisions I made.  As a reminder, each extra round of revisions is $30.  After I receive your approval, I will start the physical painting and calligraphy wording.

review final draft:

I wish I could be sitting next to you when you receive this email!  You will have a digital document that shows you each and every detail of what your suite will look like in printed form.  Once you approve the final draft & pay the balance that is due, the printing process can begin!

*The final balance due does not include shipping costs.  This is calculated post printing*

printing & production

the big day!

I love this step!  This is when all the dreaming, planning, & creating becomes a reality!  The feeling of seeing the final creation in print is incredibly exciting!  After I receive all the components from the printer, I will go through them with a fine tooth comb to make sure it has my creative stamp of approval.    


Shipping & Delivery

the honeymoon!

Now it's time to relax and enjoy the sunshine!  I'll be packaging each individual component with one fully assembled suite as an example for you to know how to assemble them yourself.

If you chose my assembly service, then I will assemble each invitation suite then package them up to be sent to you for your final touches. 

If you chose my Post Office hand-canceling service, then I will be mailing each suite to your guests for you.  You will receive a few suites in the mail from me for your own memories and to also use with your photographer on your big day.